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Chicken Shish Kebab

We are looking for authentic Greek family recipes to add to our collection of family recipes.

Greek syrup soaked walnut cake in baking tin
Greek style moussaka with eggplants, gro

Join the Let's Eat! Family

We are creating a cookbook filled with authentic Greek family recipes to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis Research.

They may be recipes which have been handed down through generations, from grandmother to mother to daughter to granddaughter...or they can be yiayia's recipe but you've added your twist to it!

Cooking isn't only about feeding our tummies.

Cooking is about feeding our souls and filling our hearts with the beautiful memories.

The smells and tastes of food memories keep our loved ones close.

This cookbook isn't just about the recipes. It's about preserving family traditions for the next generation.

Each recipe we use in our cookbook will also have something about you, your family history & the region of Greece relating to the recipe & your family. We may ask to visit you to create a video, or do a photoshoot & get to know each other a bit more.

It's not a deal breaker if you're a bit shy. We will definitely give you credit for your recipe/

So, if you have a recipe which you would like to submit for use in the Let's Eat! Fundraising Project, please complete the form below.

Thanks so much! You are amazing!!

Koulouri Thessalonikis
Chicken & Okra
Zucchini & Halloumi Fritter
Chips & Fetta
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