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Let's Eat! - A Collection of Family Recipes is creating a cookbook which will be released in 2022 with 100% of the proceeds going directly to MS Research Australia.


Until the release of our cookbook, we will be releasing traditional Greek recipes as we test them out in our kitchen and the kitchens of family & friends 😉


Galatopita translates to "gala", milk and "pita" pie - Milk Pie, essentially a baked semolina custard.


Not quite a Galaktoboureko, a semolina custard wrapped in filo pastry & drenched in aromatic syrup, but definitely just as tasty.


A great crowd pleaser and something we like to have in our fridge during the warmer months to serve to our guests.


Try it & let us know what you think!

Galatopita (Milk Pie)

  • 100% of your payment goes directly to Kiss Goodbye to MS which is the official fundraising organisation for MS Research Australia.

    When your payment has been confirmed, you will be sent the link to download the recipe file.

    We thank you for your support.

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