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Sustainable Edible Garden

If you follow our socials, then you already know that the reason for Let's Eat! is because Yianni was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in 2013. Our goal is to publish a cookbook of traditional recipes passed down through generations of Greek families and share them with the world...and to raise much needed money for research into multiple sclerosis from the sale of the cookbooks.

As you can imagine, the sudden pandemic that is COVID-19 and the current lockdown has impacted access to Yianni's all important physical therapy. It's extremely important that he continues moving and exercising his body and mind.

It's a challenge to constantly keep Yianni motivated, especially since he had a stroke (non-MS related) which has affected his ability to retain information, language skills and motivation. Now our all important routine has been thrown into chaos!

In addition to the restrictions from COVID-19, Yianni is also about to have a second attempt at Ocrevus infusions next week (the first time did not go well at all!!), which means that we have to be ultra diligent that he doesn't even get the sniffles!

It seems like it's super strict quarantine at our house for the next 3 months to see how Yianni's body reacts this time to Ocrevus.

So what do we do about Yianni's physical and mental wellbeing? He can't just stop everything, especially when he was doing so well.

This is where a bit of creative problem solving was needed and how we came up with creating a vegie patch in our back yard!

Now, full disclosure everybody be warned we are not, I repeat not, professional gardeners nor claim to know anything about gardens, plants and growing vegetables! We do know how to eat them and will gladly give advice on that topic!

This gardening project has been in the pipeline for at least 6 months when we were setting goals for Yianni for 2020. Little did we know of the obstacles that we would have to deal with (coronavirus!) Thankfully we have access to everything through the good old internet! We are not isolated and everything that we need can be delivered to our door.

To make sure that this project doesn't overwhelm Yianni, it was necessary for us to come up with a plan and break down everything into smaller steps, or mini projects. We are in this for the long haul and it may take many, many months to set everything up.

This is the area in our backyard which we have cleared. We need to get some soil delivered because it's not a very nice soil at the moment.

Our aim is to have a sustainable edible garden and we would like to use companion plants rather than using chemicals to fight off pests.


  • Raised Garden Beds

  • Greenhouse

  • Drip Watering System

  • Compost Bin

  • Rain Water Tanks

  • Planting Guide & Select Plants


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