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I thought I would be productive while we are still in self-isolation with Yianni and clean out some boxes of old cables in the study cupboard. In the box, I discovered an old JVC camcorder and a stack of tapes from our trip to Greece in 2004!

This was exciting for many, many reasons, but mostly because there are a few of our beloved relatives who have since passed away who appear on these tapes.

One of them is my Yiayia Georgia! She was my maternal grandmother and a real sweetheart. I was very thankful that she came to Australia to live with us during my teenage years and that I really got to know her.

The reason why I mention Yiayia is because the last meal that she cooked for us was during that trip to Greece in 2004. She cooked Tiganites Patates (fried potatoes), Moskari me Saltsa (Braised Beef & Tomato) and a stack of Plakotiganites (crepes layered with myzithra).

The video above of my cutie pie Yiayia Georgia, my cousin Georgia & the hunchback that is the back of me (sorry...)! In the video Yiayia is sending a message to her daughter (my mum), telling her to make Plakotiganites for us at home, but she remembers that my mum doesn't make them as well as Yiayia does...because Yiayia makes them the best! lol

So this morning I called my mum to get her recipe for Plakotiganites because I remember when I was younger she would make them for special treats. They are soooooooooooooooo moorish and delicious warm or cold. I do not discriminate!

Funnily enough, mum told me that my brother had just called her last week to ask for her recipe for Plakotiganites! It's a sibling thing I guess...🤷🏻‍♀️

What are Plakotiganites?

The best way to describe Plakotiganites (Greek: Πλακοτηγανίτες) is a pile of thin crepes, layered with myzithra.

What is myzithra you ask?

Myzithra (Greek: μυζήθρα) is a traditional, unpasteurised Greek cheese made from the whey of sheep's, goat's or cow's milk when making feta. It comes in two forms: fresh & dried. Myzithra is very similar to ricotta, because you can have fresh & hard ricotta, however it is saltier and tastier!

I have only used the dried form of myzithra, which is mainly grated and sprinkled over spaghetti and of course Plakotiganites!

Now back to the plakotiganites. The wonderful thing about this recipe is that it has 3 ingredients, which are pantry staples for any good Greek cook!

  1. Plain Flour

  2. Olive Oil

  3. Myzithra

That's it! No fussing with melted butter, or eggs like the French crepes.

When I think of the region of Messinia, I can't help but think about the typical local produce such as olive oil and cheese, so it's a no brainer that something so simple, yet so tasty and comforting was created.

Of course, there is no way that I can compare my very first solo attempt with the taste of the generations before me, but practice will make perfect and now that I know how simple (yet a bit messy) they are to make, I think I will just have to try to perfect making plakotiganites.

Mine were a bit too pale as I was too scared to push the colour during the first cook. Yes, you need to cook them twice! Next time though I'll be sure to give them a bit more colour.

Let us know if your family make this recipe. We would be very interested to hear from you.

Kali Oreksi


Let's Eat! - A Collection of Family Recipes is creating a cookbook which will be released in 2021.

In the meantime we will be posting dishes to raise awareness, practice recipes and of course to tempt your appetite 😉

Would you like this recipe?

It's as easy as 1 2 3!

  1. We ask you for a grateful donation of AU$5+ to our official MS Fundraising page

  2. Once you have made your donation, please send us an email with the Subject: Plakotiganites

  3. We will email you a copy of the recipe in return for your generous donation.

Thank you so much.

Let's Eat! Fundraising Team

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