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Creamiest Rice Pudding Ever!

9th August celebrates National Rice Pudding Day! So, let's celebrate this popular after school staple of most Greek homes?

Rice Pudding. Rizogalo. Ρυζόγαλο.

I have to admit that as a child, and up until recently, I didn't like Rizogalo (or any rice pudding for that matter!) It was a textural thing for me which made me pass on this dessert every time.

However, when your husband has very fond memories of his dear mother making the best Rizogalo and asking you to make it constantly, you become quite good at making it! For his sake, I had to test many, many recipes to find a version which was close to his childhood memories.

Thankfully I found this amazingly simple recipe. After a few mediocre attempts in the Test Kitchen and because I had cream which I wanted to use up, I came up with something that even I like to eat!!

What is Rizogalo?

Let's start with the basics. Well the meaning of Rizogalo is simple:

Rizi = rice in Greek

Gala = milk in Greek

Put those words together and you get RIZOGALO meaning "Rice Milk".

The title of the dish tells you exactly what to expect and you literally need 2 ingredients to make this dish. Let's be honest, making any dessert with just rice and milk would be quite unpalatable and boring. I like to be a purest when it comes to making traditional recipes, but I'm fairly sure that some sort of sweetener was used as well.

There are many variations on how to make rizogalo. Several of them are quicker using pre-boiled rice and thickening with cornflour. Some recipes add eggs...some add raisins...some brulee the top...ALL are delicious!!

My favourite, and the best recipe in my opinion, uses basically 3 ingredients.

Be warned!! In exchange for a quick fix you will need an hour stirring and watching over the stovetop.

This recipe is not only delicious but is gluten free and doesn't contain any eggs or does contain lots and lots of milk/dairy. How else can I get it so creamy?!

Trust me! It's well worth putting in the time to enjoy these creamy mouthfuls of vanilla yumminess!!

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